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風雨同渡50 Weathering the Elements Together

回溯過去半世紀香港斜坡安全的發展   居安亦思危 A look back on the development of slope safety in Hong Kong over half a century in preparation for the challenges ahead

繼續播放 PLAY 今日,讓我們回到約五十年前 今日,讓我們回到約五十年前 今日,讓我們回到約五十年前 今日,讓我們回到約五十年前

在上世紀六、七十年代的香港,「山泥傾瀉」這個詞語不時在新聞報道中出現,其中1972年6月於秀茂坪和港島半山發生的山泥傾瀉災難,在不少市民心中都留下難以磨滅的印記。隨着科技進步,香港在維護斜坡安全方面的工作亦有不少轉變。藉着秀茂坪和寶珊道山泥傾瀉的災難事件發生五十年,就讓我們從過去走到現在,訪尋當中一些鮮為人知或已經被人遺忘的故事,一起回顧歷史,居安思危。 In the 1960s and 1970s, “ landslide ” was a word that popped up frequently in the news of Hong Kong. Among those incidents, the two landslide disasters in Sau Mau Ping and the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong Island in June 1972 left an emotional scar on many people. Since then, thanks to technological advancements, slope safety in Hong Kong has progressed substantially. Five decades after the tragic landslides at Sau Mau Ping and Po Shan Road, we take this opportunity to revisit history and reflect on what can be done to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Chapter 1. 回溯歷史 History of the Tragic Landslides 山泥傾瀉話當年
Chapter 2. 風雨同渡 Weathering Together 斜坡安全半世紀
Chapter 3. 創新技術 Innovation and Technology 與時並進迎挑戰

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