Imperfect Produce Ron Clark, Co-founder & Director of Supply P:415.351.9919 E: W: Imperfect Produce sources fruits and vegetables that have been rejected by the consumer market because of their unusual appearance. Customers can choose from a range of assorted produce and purchase it at a lower cost than buying from supermarkets. Imperfect wants to show consumers that “ugly” produce is just as delicious and of the same quality as what is normally considered cosmetically acceptable by market standards. This system not only makes food more affordable for families and businesses, but it also ensures that the rejected food does not become waste in a landfill, which contributes to climate change and environmental damage. Produce items that are typically considered "ugly" and undesirable by the consumer market are valued highly by the team at Imperfect. Produce that stick out as exceptionally abnormal or unique are called "celebrities".
美國每年大約有億公斤的水果和蔬菜沒有被採收或賣掉,通常是為了外觀的緣故。在加州艾麥里維市成立的新創公司「不完美」,向農夫購買其貌不揚的農產品,並以低價配送到舊金山灣區的一千多名訂購者手中。美國和歐洲的連鎖零售商以折扣價出售外觀特異的水果和蔬菜也相當成功。「我們重新定義美麗,而不是美味,」「不完美」的創辦人之一隆恩.克拉克說。Photograph by Brian Finke
*RESTRICTED Company Name cannot appear in Captions or Photos*Diego Garabaldi, 51-998157406, Fundo Maria Luisa, Ralhural Valley, North of Lima, Peru Tristram Stuart, In a packing and sorting factory a few minutes away from Diego Garabaldi's farm, imperfect oranges are being separated from the harvested oranges. "Only mandarins with perfect skins get exported; minor skin blemishes that have zero impact on the inside, taste, or shelf life mean the mandarins get rejected by buyers overseas. Fortunately local demand exists and most of these rejects get eaten by locals. However when supply is high you do end up with considerable quantities going to waste and our cosmetic standards contribute to this" -Tristram Stuart Notes
在祕魯瓦拉爾鎮採收的柑橘中,有30%無法符合嚴格的出口標準。大部分不合格的柑橘會由當地人吃掉。全球有46%的水果和蔬菜在產地收成後永遠到不了餐桌。Photograph by Brian Finke
Cindy Ferris Jerry's Nugget Casino 1821 N Las Vegas Blvd North Las Vegas, NV 89030 702-399-3000 ext. 186 Food left over by customers at the diner within Jerry's Nugget.
五十多年來,農場持續收集拉斯維加斯的廚餘和剩菜,像是來自「傑瑞金塊賭場」附設餐飲店的節瓜條和薯條。這些殘羹剩餚被運到不遠處由第三代經營者包伯和珍妮特.孔姆斯所有的農場,經過消毒後餵食頭豬,以取代每年公噸的豬食。近幾十年來,美國餐廳的餐點分量大幅增加,是造成肥胖和食物浪費的成因之一。Photograph by Brian Finke
Janet / Ms. Combs RC Farms 555 E El Campo Grande Ave North Las Vegas, NV 89081 702.499.1556 Bob Combs feeding his pigs tortilla chips from RW Garcia, a food manufacturing company that works with places such as Trader Joes, as well as potatoes from Farm Fresh, a company that prepares food for hotels in Las Vegas
在距離拉斯維加斯大道大約15公里的RC農場,豬將當地食品加工廠過剩的馬鈴薯轉換成蛋白質,這些蛋白質最終可能會出現在我們的餐盤上。Photograph by Brian Finke
Sonya Padgett Manager, Corporate Communications MGM Resorts International 702-692-6807 c. 702-350-491 Food waste being separated below The Area Hotel and Casino
拉斯維加斯「阿麗雅賭場酒店」的員工將可吃與不可吃的食物分開。用剩菜餵食像豬這樣的非反芻動物,可以回收利用剩菜的養分,並減少食物在掩埋場中釋出的甲烷。Photograph by Brian Finke